Friday, December 30, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hy one stuffians..

BUZZZZ.... wake up stuffians...let's prepare for the final..a true stuffians never give up  before try to work hard and smart in order to score well..gud luck in your final exam my dear stuffians..!! let's rock da paper..hehe 

olrite just wanna share the last programme for this semester..oh btw,why  this post was written in english..nope to show off that my english is very good..LOL but the main point to write in engilsh because AGM is one of the internal programme that compulsory to use english..all stuffians terror in english right? terror here not refers to terrorist but terer k..try to check in dictionary..terer laa.terer....hehe.

Annual General Meeting was held on 8 December 2011, Audi A, Kuliyyah of Engineering (Stuff's favourite venue). Programme Manager for this programme was really serious person. serious person only suitable with the serious programme like AGM and last clue : serious person with charming smile..his smilee  make people can not sleep..hehe  metaphor here..hehe Guess who???? oh  yup the best PM ever and ever  Bro.Dollah. Asst.Programme Manager little bit naughty , relax and one of  da DJ from Your Campus Radio..Lol is Sis Iera .

Objectives AGM:
~to introduce new line up Management Board Stuff 2011/2012
~to report program Stuff Tenure 2010/2011
~to know the latest financial report stuff
~ to strengthen the ukhuwwah among members

This is selected photos  and layannnnnnnnnnnnn..enjoy guysssss

REgistration counter..just wrote your name and posing...

hot and stylo bro committees..LOL..

NEW Mainboard (ok stuffians take note)..hee

asma al husna and iium song..

ok smileee everyone..

from da back.

eeee aaaa eeee aaaa dikir barat time..

President ..

sport bureau

Hrd Bureau

EED Bureau

RND Bureau

WELfare Bureau

IP Bureau
TOP 7 MAINBOARD..LET'S Check it out!!

FC 2

FC 1

SU 2

SU 1

VP 2

VP 1

tqvm stuffians 

~wasalam w.b.t~

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