Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SBPI Gombak Career Path Workshop

   On 9th of October 2015, STUFFIIUM in collaboration with Guidance and Counselling unit of SBPI Gombak managed to held an workshop for form 4 students from SBPI Gombak.These students are among the brightest and could be assume as cream of the crop in their school. The aim of the program is to help these students recognise their potentials towards the suitable career for their personality. It was held at mini auditorium of Kulliyah of Engineering (KOE).

   The program was actually a part of STUFF COLOUR RUN that was first of its kind ever organized by STUFFIIUM. Morever, it is in conjuction with our big event which is STUFF FESTIVAL 2.0 (STUFFEST 2.0) for this year. Participants of the workshop were selected students which enlisted in Top 40 best students of their batch. During the whole workshop, three module were conducted comprising communication skills, test for tendency towards certain fields of career and also problem solving.

   10 facilitator from each bureau of STUFF IIUM participated and shares their experiences and knowledge with the participants. At the end of the program, the participants were brought to STUFFFEST 2.0 located at Cultural and Activity Center (CAC) to get a look at the universities life and also do some shopping. Hopefully the objectives of the program is achieved, biiznillah.

 May allah ease our participants life so that they can grow up and contributes back to the ummah.
Assalamualaikum. :)

Family photo :)

Token of appreciation for the teacher
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