Thursday, April 28, 2016

Annual Grand Dinner 2016

 The program Appreciation Night is one of the activities in STUFF society. This program is aimed to appreciate the members of the club especially for those who will be graduating this semester. Besides, it is also one of the ways to strengthen the Islamic values of “ukhuwwah” between the old, new as well as the alumni of STUFF.  Besides, through this programme, the members of the club get an opportunity to enhance their skill in managing a programme. It also one of the alternative for the members of the club learn how to cooperate with each other and work together.
Hopefully this program will be a medium for our members to get to know each other better and strengthen the brotherhood and solidarity between us.


  • To give appreciation to the members of the club especially for graduating students.
  • To strengthen the relationship and ‘ukhuwah among STUFF’s members and alumni.

  Firstly, we thanked Allah S.W.T for giving us the opportunity and having us in this blissful of realizing the programme. Despite the problems that we were facing, pleasure surpassed the feeling of inconvenient.  We accepted all problems as challenge to perform better in near future. Our feeling of gratitude also goes for those who helped us directly or indirectly. Only Allah, the One who can always repay you back.

   Appreciation Night STUFF 2015 was successfully ended in glory. This programme was running smoothly even there are few problems encountered before. Alhamdulillah with the spirit as a team, we managed to face all situations that rather challenging. Commitment shown from all committees is not enough to be just credited by names. Praise should be given towards the outstanding collaboration of the committees, as well as the participants in achieving the objectives of the programme successfully.

   The programme did also strengthen the ukhuwwah among STUFF members.
We hope that this programme is forever under His blessing. Insya-Allah, experience gained by all committees could be applied in another programme. Lastly, Allah knows best behind all firm condition that we had encounter. Assalamualaikum wbt.


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