Wednesday, June 22, 2016


All praise is to Allah through whose Grace all righteousness is completed. May mercy and Peace be upon the most virtuous of all creatures, Rasulullah Muhammad al-Musthafa (SAW) and mercy also upon his family, companions and followers until the day of Qiyamah.

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for giving us a chance to complete Family Day and Facilitating Skill Training Program (FAMSTRAP), with successfully. This program was designed for all STUFFians from all bureaus. This program actually is launched in order to foster the member’s facilitating skills, cooperation and in committing responsibilities. This program was runs for 3 days and 2 nights starting from Friday at 8.00 pm until Sunday at 1.00 pm.

On the first day of the program, the members started the registration after Maghrib prayer at 8.00 pm. All participants had their dinner before went to the musolla for congregational Isya’ prayer and tazkirah before we start the activity. After that, all participants moved to lecturer room 6 & 7 in KOED building for LDK 1 (ice breaking) leaded by the Shoutul Shabab Consultancy. The session started with all committees were introducing themselves to the members participated followed by short speech from the STUFF president, Br. Abdul Muhaimin bin Mohd. Fozi and the program manager of FAMSTRAP, Br. Abdullah Izzat bin Abdul Hamid. The activities on that night are more focusing on the ice-breaking and group formation among the participants.

On the second day, the program started with registration of the participants and breakfast. The program proceeds with LDK 2 (Facilitating Skill) started at 9.00 am. The participants were thought on how to enhance their facilitating skill in a wider view and how to talk with confidence. Next, the LDK 3 (Leadership) took part at 10.30 am after the refreshment and break. This session focused on modules that require leadership element form the participants and how to deal with orders and making decision also how to make a module. Then, after the congregational Zuhur prayer and lunch break, the participants continued with LDK 4 (Teamwork) that ended at 4.30 pm before Asar prayer.

After congregational Asr Prayer, physical test activity was held. The activity took time for about 30 minutes before they get their dinner and get prepared for the night slot.

During the night, a special slot from Shoutul Shabab Consultancy regarding the ukhuwaah issue was held and ended at 11.00 pm after debrief all the activities had done throughout the days.

During the last day, we had our Family Day and closing ceremony at Taman Putra Perdana, Putrajaya. After breakfast, all participants and committees depart to Putrajaya by bus at 8.00 am. At the garden, we proceed to games held by the Br Muhaimin to strengthen our ukhuwwah among members for about 3 hours. After the game finished, the activity proceeds with the speech of the Program Manager and appreciation speech by our Advisor, Mdm. Ros Aniza binti Mohd. Shariff. After that, all participants were acknowledged as facilitators by the receiving the certificate. Lastly, all the participants and committees depart back to IIUM at 1.00 noon after the photography session.

Through this program, the participants devote knowledge and experienced on how to do facilitating correctly. Succinctly, the committees and also the participants had learnt on how to deal with the problems rose in order to make sure this event will done successfully. May all the objectives outlined successfully implemented and the program is smoothly completed.  

Day one: Taaruf session

Day two: Morning exercise

Day Three: Family day

Day three: lunch

After closing ceremony

End of day 2


Our advisor with trainers from Shoutul Shabab accompanied by STUFF's alumni 

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